Pharmacy Shelving - Dispensary Area

Dispensary Furniture & Equipment

Designed specifically for the healthcare industry and in use pharmacies through-out the UK. Casework carcases are constructed from high quality MDF with 2mm PVC edging and a wide selection of plain or decorative melamine/laminate finishes. Our standard range includes full height shelving, over-bench shelving, base units, worktops, bottle hoppers, end clads and more. Bespoke dispensary furniture and be manufactured as required.

Materials and finishes are available to meet National Health Service NHS HTM63 Guidelines. Many of our units can also be manufactured to fit the HTM62 Demountable Storage System and HTM71 Materials Management Modular Storage System.             

  • Durable Fitted Work Surfaces
  • 18mm Plinths
  • 3mm PVC Edging
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Anti-tilt shelf clips
  • Adjustable feet
  • Wide range of finishes
Full Height Dispensary Shelving
Full Height Dispensary Shelving



Pharmacy Shelving

Pharmacy Shelving provide a comprehensive selection of pharmacy storage solutions. We have pharmacy shelving and pharmacy drawers to suit a range of applications and budgets. Our newly designed Y Series Pharmacy Shelving, combine traditional shelves with pullout drawers and work surfaces.

Our pharmacy pullout shelves are ideal for the dispensing pharmacist, tilted shelves support the "First In First Out" principle. Glass riser allows full visibility of the medicine packaging. The pull-out action safely stores the medicine out of the way and allows enables more compact storage of medicines, increasing both efficiency and storage space.

Pharmacy Shelving
Y Series Pharmacy Shelving



Pharmacy Shopfitting Shelving

Pharmacy shopfitting shelving provide a flexible modular metal shelving system. Features include ticket rails, adjustable shelves, easy to clean, easy to install with minimal tools, plinth drawers available for additional storage, back panels. The shelving can be setup to provide highly effective display systems as shown below:

Pharmacy Gondola

Stocked Shelving


BY Pharmacy Work Stations & Bench Drawers

Create an individual free standing island work space. Designed to take any combination of shelves and drawers to provide an efficient working environment that suits staff and workflow. Variable in length - available in 760mm width modules to suit available space.

  • Easy to assemble and install with minimal tools required.
  • Pullout shelves have clear fronts increasing visibility of products.
  • Sloping pullout shelves asist "First In First Out" medicine storage principle.
  • High quality work surfaces with upstands if required.
  • Divider system.
  • Deep drawers for bulkier items.
  • Clear labelling system.
  • Plinth drawers for additional storage.
BY_2D Two Module Double Sided Pharmacy Work Station
Custom Single Sided Work Stations


Surgery Dispensary

Design & installation of surgery dispensary with a modern efficient working environment. Large work surfaces provide the pharmacist with a spacious work area whilst wall space is fully utilised providing maximum medicine storage possible. Standard Pharma-Fit shelving units suit clients prescription volumes and stocking levels. Other features include controlled drugs cabinet, sink area, bench units, bottle hoppers, Pigeon holes and power point cable tidy hole cut-outs.

Services Supplied
  • Site Visits, Design & Consutancy
  • 3D Modelling of Designs
  • Supply of all furntiure and fittings
  • Arranging Installation
Dispensary with work area, over bench shelving and controlled drugs cabinet


Pharmacy Shopfitting

Retail Community Pharmacy

Design & installation of a retail community pharmacy within a newly built healthcare centre preparing high volumes of prescriptions. With a large floor area equal space was given to both dispensary and retail areas. Two additional rooms allow for both consultancy and pharmacy managers office. The dispensary area provides space for at least six work station positions. Material finish: Wild Pear and Pale Cream.

Services Supplied
  • Site Visits, Design & Consutancy
  • 3D Modelling of Designs
  • Supply of all furntiure and fittings
  • Arranging Installation
  • NB: Electrical, Plumbing and Decorating services sub contracted by the client

Pharmacy counter with dispensary shelving and retail gondolas


MOD Health Centre Pharmacy

Design & Installation of a pharmacy within an Army MOD Camp. Unlike most community pharmacies an MOD pharmacy requires a range of medications and vaccines that at anytime may be needed for distribution to remote parts of the world or for army personnel to require vaccinations on mass. It is essential storage systems can be accessed quickly, and restocked using *FIFO tried and trusted methodology. * First In First Out. FPD Bulk storage shelving carries additional stock in a secondary area for misc items such as creams and lotions or surplus boxed goods.

Y-Series Pullout Shelving